Our eBay Designs are World Leading, so whether you’re a Small eBay shop looking for an edge on your competitors or a World Leading Enterprise, our eBay Store and eBay Listing Design Templates are proven to increase your sales by up to a massive 60%!

  • Custom eBay store design
  • Custom eBay listing template design
  • Enhances your buyers shopping experience
  • Improved buyer confidence
  • Increased average order values
  • Intuitive navigation with easy product find
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Making a good first impression is vital to your eBay store’s success. This means that a professional and welcoming storefront is essential, and is a crucial factor in whether your customer decides to stay and purchase your product. Donec elementum pellentesque. A main component in the creation of this level of storefront is having an attractive and well-designed product listing template. A good template should make your customer’s navigation through your product’s information and images an enjoyable experience while lending professional-level credibility to your online business

As such, the more attractive and credible your template looks, the more the customer’s decision is in favor of buying from your store.

Ebay Listing Design

We offer a completely made-to-order service for every customer’s unique business needs and goals. We aim to provide our customers with a full management service on behalf of their eBay and/or Amazon channels, which allows us to oragnize the setting-up of the business page, sell products quickly, and to effectively produce revenue. Our service also includes access to professional advisors that will help you find answers to difficult questions, and to assist in the integration, set up, launch, and on-going strategy of your business, often on a rev-share basis.


Can you apply any of the following statements to your business?

  • We want to launch on eBay but don’t know how
  • We desire to be multi-channel, but are short on time to make this work
  • We require more effective fulfilment options
  • We would like to offer precise customer communication and returns management
  • We need an end-to-end retail solution

Mobile devices are now essential for online shopping, and your eBay business is still not ready to welcome them as they deserve? If you want to fix this, here are your options:

  • Mobile Ebay template – requires a second website or sub-domain designed exclusively for mobile users; it is built for each specific device, not per screen size;
  • Mobile responsive design – requires only one website that is coded to adapt to all screen sizes.
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Create a brand your customers will love

A recognisable and memorable brand will help you attract customers and get them talking about your business. Sixty4’s specialist designers will create a unique logo and distinctive eBay store design your customers will identify with and remember.

Convey a professional image

With so many sellers on eBay, shoppers can find it hard to know who to trust. Having an eBay page which looks slick and professional will help your business stand out from the competition and let customers know you’re a brand they can trust.

Watch your sales rocket

We will create customised eBay templates which show off each of your listings to their best advantage. A user-friendly and attractive eBay shop design will help you turn clicks into sales and make sure your customers come back for more and more.

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Watch your sales rocket

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