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Project Description

Project Brief

Sixty 4 Ebay store design were approached by Muzamal Ventures (UK) Ltd, working on behalf of Muzamal Group, needing a ebay solution that would allow Muzamal Medical to sell a range of products designed for the NHS and practitioners, medical students and nurses within the healthcare sector.


Using our skills in ebay store development We created an template to integrate with there current software, Sixty 4 created a series of bespoke ebay store design to present the Group’s Best Practice and Action Sets products in a manner suited to the target audience.

As well as constructing the ebay tempaltes, we helped select, book and brief voiceover artists, recording sessions and backing music, ultimately presenting the company with a packaged ebay store ready for implementation into there current store.


In total, Sixty4 have created nine different designs for the client in five languages, each tailored the needs of key markets around the world, including the US, China and Europe.

All of the designs are interactive & responsive , allowing users to look at informaiton about the product at their leisure and can be presented to the user through a normal web browser or any mobile devices.

Live Link

eBay Mobile Responsive

Final Design for eBay