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eBay Managed Service

Our clients use us to fully manage their eBay, Amazon, Play.com channels. This gives us the ability to set the business up, selling quickly, and successfully producing revenue. This service is totally bespoke, and exactly suited to your business needs. We will typically also help you to choose the right solution, help with the integration, set up, launch and then with ongoing strategy often on a rev-share basis.
While eBay is simple to use and get started on, making money and being profitable is anything but. Without a defined strategy on how to expand and sell through eBay, you could be looking at a shop filled with products but no customers!

  • Strategic advice / consultancy
  • Design, build and Manage websites and eBay stores
  • Listing services – eBay / Amazon / Play / Website / Tesco Marketplace
  • Optimisation services
  • Automation service


Design & Build

Customer Services


How We Can Help:

  • We have launched sellers in UK, France, Germany and Italy and Spain.
  • Our shared risk commercial model means you only pay us if we sell your products.
  • All sellers working with us can expect exponential revenue growth.
  • Expert knowledge of 3rd party software tools, integration.
  • We work with you to build your company. All the data, software and accounts are yours – and how we differentiate ourselves from other Managed Service Providers.

We Are Global And Have Helped Clients Worldwide.

Here’s The Good Stuff. Some of Our Managed Ebay Services Client’s Featured Below.