In spring of 2016, EBay released an important seller update with news that they are going to reduce and eventually disallow the use of active content during 2017. But what does this mean for EBay sellers? Let’s take a look at their decision and the impact that it may have upon those selling on their site.

Here are a few examples to give you an idea as to what will not be allowed:

  • Listings with Flash animations
  • Feedback widgets that are item specific
  • Item buttons on the listing description that refer to ‘Buy It Now’ or ‘Watch’.
  • Cross-promotional widgets on items
  • Calculators that work out the shipping based upon postcode
  • Stores with customised search bars
  • Listing descriptions containing dynamic displays of store categories

Why is EBay putting this ban of active content in place?

EBay have two key reasons for banning the use of this type of active content:

  • To improve buyer security and provide a guarantee that EBay is a safe place to buy, sell and trade generally.
  • To enhance and improve the experience for the user, particularly the page loading time for shoppers using a mobile.

Mobile phone shopping is on the increase; EBay research shows that as much as 48% of traffic is coming from mobile devices. By banning active content, they will provide a much improved service to this section of the market.

  • EBay will begin to limit the use of active content beginning in spring 2017.
  • EBay will begin to block and remove listings that contravene this ruling in the autumn of 2017.
If you are only using plain text descriptions in your item listings, then this ban will not affect you. However, if you do use types of active content, there is a simple way to find out if you will be affected and how. We have constructed a sophisticated tool that will run full compliance checks on your listing; once done, you will know whether these types of listings comply with EBay’s new policy.

Running a compliance check

If you have already signed up to use our services to take care of your EBay shop listings and templates, then you need to do nothing as from August of last year, our designs are fully compliant with EBay’s new rulings. However, if you are using custom designs from other providers, we can carry out a totally FREE OF CHARGE audit for you, checking your store listings and pinpointing any parts of your existing design that may fall foul of EBay’s new rulings.

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